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Can you personalise my own items?

Can we personalise your items?

Yes we can- however.  We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your own items during the print or embroidery process.


Good question, this is for a couple of reasons:

1- Our machines can, and do eat items.  They move at speed and we usually cannot stop them quickly enough.

2- We use heat, chemicals and other greases etc.  Whilst we do our upmost to keep your items from damage it can and does happen.  

3- The value of your items can be much higher than the charge to personalise your items.

What if I pay extra?

Unfortunately we will still not take responsibility for loss or damage to the item.  

What can you personalise?

1- Clothing.  Most clothing is good to personalise, its always worth thinking about the method used as some items work better with specific personalisation.  If the item is already decorated and you want personalisation in the same area this may be problematic depending on the original personlaisation method.  

2- Bags, Shoes, Cushions, Stockings etc.  These will vary depending on the access to the item and the size of the opening, we usually cannot tell you if we can get onto the item untill we have it with us and in a hoop.  With tricky items such as these we may be able to hoop them but they may jump and fall from the hoop if they catch on the sides of the machines.

3- Teddies.  We cannot personalise your own bears.  Ours are specifically made with a zip opening to allow us flat access to their stomach.  We cannot take your items apart as it will invalidate the CE testing.  If personalising the ears of a rabbit the embroidery will show through the back of the ear. 

Whats the wait?

Good question.  We understand that lots of people ask for personalisation as part of a business so that they may sell on or advertise.  Our standard wait is approx 4 weeks, risign to 6-8 in the summer.